Bustin EQ Honeycomb Hollowcore Complete

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The EQ is the Micro-dropped, top mounted speed board du’jour. With a subtly lowered platform to provide additional stability without sacrificing grip or leverage, the EQ is ergonomically designed for both DH tuck and Freeride battlestance positions. A honey-combed hollow-core construction, inspired by bees, makes this beast deceptively light, perfect for nailing your line. Artist Series graphic by Mexican artist Demencia Beivide.

The EQ features our signature “Honey-Comb Hollow-Core” (HC2) construction. This unique lay-up incorporates a chambered core ply. We’ve joined forces with the oldest builders in the world – honey bees – to create a pattern of hollow chambers that would significantly reduce weight, while maintaining maximum structural integrity. We then sandwiched this super light-weight core ply between good old Canadian Maple to create a super stiff, super light, downhill speed machine. Combine this with aggressively progressive radial concave and a perfectly mellow, yet noticeable w-bubble and you’re left with a no-nonsense, dedicated speed board.


Dimensions: 36 x 9.74″

Wheelbase(s): 26.55-29.55”

Shape: Micro-drop

Trucks: Paris 50° 180mm

Wheels: Five-O Sniper 70mm 80a



Size : 9.74 x 36


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